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Old 08-24-2007, 08:51 AM
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Default Re: Johnson Valley

Originally Posted by KKXR400R View Post
This is exactly why our riding areas are getting shut down. Ocotillo Wells used to be a great place as well but its going to hell in a hand basket also. I was out at OW 6 months ago and I tell ya, I seriously feared for my life. People riding drunk, kids riding huge quads with no helmets, quad guys racing each other through our camp, people lighting everything on fire that would burn.....the list goes on and on. It was ridiculous! The public only see what the mass media shows, which is usually negative and until we start policing our own we'll suffer the Consequences. Case in point: A few months ago there was a report on CNN about OHV registration fees going up 150% in Ca. There were interviews with environmentalists explaining how we are destroying everything. No less then a second later, a video pops up with 2 guys, no helmets, drunk and doing donuts. After about 30 seconds of donuts, they start intentionally running over every bush in site, peeling out just to make sure there was nothing left. The next clip shows a guy crashing with no helmet, no boots, gloves or jersey. He was wearing flip flops, tee shirt and shorts. Anyone want to guess why insurance companies deny us coverage when we crash….DUH! The majority of you are going to speed read through this, but you better pay attention, take those stupid blinders off and wake up. Things like this will affect you in the long end. All the states follow California’s footsteps and I can guaranty land closures will be popping up left and right.

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