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MSGHUFF 04-17-2007 07:07 AM

Will a cyl from an 01 RM125 work on a 98 RM125?
Friend dropped of a bike for me to work on and the Cyl, piston and head are destroyed shortly after a rebuild job they had done. It looks as if they installed a lawn mower spark plug in it....electrode was completely melted off and fell into the chamber....

Anyways will a piston and cyl from an 01 work on a 98?

artistic_gore 04-20-2007 12:40 PM

Re: Will a cyl from an 01 RM125 work on a 98 RM125?
Here's the '98 cylinder
And Here's the 2001

They look extremely similar, possibly just a different artist between the two years.

I would print each of these and look at them side by side. Also search for the specs for both bikes to determine that the bore and stroke didn't change between the years.

Pretendo 06-23-2007 05:39 PM

Re: Will a cyl from an 01 RM125 work on a 98 RM125?
yes it will work, as for switching to a 2001 piston, i would just to be sure that you are pulling the most performance, but i wouldnt worry about it if u had a 98 piston

Lane 06-25-2007 06:09 PM

Re: Will a cyl from an 01 RM125 work on a 98 RM125?
not to contradict "pretendo", but I would do some more research. I know one of the changes made to the 2001 rm125 is they had a different angle on the cylinder than the years before it.

This may be no big deal in changing the angle with the 01 cylinder on your older bike, but I just thought you should know about the angle change. here is an article that mentions it:

"Discerning eyes will notice that the cylinder sits more vertically now and Suzuki's press notes confirm this: Instead of 20-degrees, the cylinder is inclined only 17-degrees. Suzuki says this straightens the intake tract enough in the case reed motor to increase charging efficiency and realize greater power from midrange up."

Pretendo 06-25-2007 11:30 PM

Re: Will a cyl from an 01 RM125 work on a 98 RM125?
If the angle change was done, which i wouldnt doubt it, its done on the Case, not the base of the cylinder. I have a 2002 RM-125 which is the same thing as the 2001 cylinder, and i have a 1999 factory RM-125, which as i measure up is the same. Now if the factory team changed the angle to what was more efficient, then implemented into the newer bikes, this i would not know. Ive used the 2002 cylinder on the 1999 and vise versa... no issues and everything lined up. even the cylinder head bracket lined up, which is one of the reasons i would think that was false, but the man sounds confident and supplies good evidence. If ther change is done, its on the Bottom end of the motor, not the cylinder. it is safe to use the cylinder u want. the only thing that might have changed that would kinda matter is the powervalve govenor tracks that the centrifical balls run on in the bottom end, that only affects the opening timing of the powervalves in relation to the rpm of the motor. the powerband differance can be tuned with fine adjustments of the powervalve pre-spring tension load on the opposite side of the govenor cover. dont turn past 2 full turns past a neutral possition, or the spring may be damaged.

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