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tweaked rider 02-21-2013 12:48 AM

88 cr500
I traded for a rebuilt 88 cr500 bored 20 over 2mil stroker crank shaved head. What coolant should I run?
What should I use in tranny and how much?
What should I mix gas at?
What octane should I use?
And any other advice is helpful. I've been mostly into banshees and other quads. I've owned street bikes and have road plenty of dirt bikes but this is the first I've owned. Any other upgrades I should do?

eavery 02-22-2013 09:06 AM

As for fuel mix ratio 32:1 with a good high octane fuel depending on the modds u have u may need to run 100+ race gas

I use ATF in my 2 strokes have for 10 yrs without a hitch

As for coolant do not use conventional coolant the water pump housing is magnesium and will corrode....there r many coolants that work well....redline water wetter...amsoil has one aswell...

I would get a factory service manual if I was u!

ossagp 02-22-2013 11:46 AM

my 87 cr500 has been with me since 88. i have used 20-1 yamalube for the most part ever since then. it has needed one lower end replacement.

i can run it on pump gas. if the pj carburetor has not been replaced with a pwk you will like it better with the latter. the transmission has lived happily with aft of all sorts since i have had it.

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