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Old 04-18-2010, 10:20 AM
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Default PW80, Yamaha, no spark


My 2000, PW80 was idling and just quit. I tried to restart, and wouldn't start. My shut off switch measures open circuit on the run position and good continuity in the off position. When I went to remove the plug I noticed it was not tight. I tightened the plug and still would not start. I removed the plug and checked for spark - no spark. I pulled off the plug boot and tested for spark, and no spark. I checked all coil connections, and they are all shinny and clean. Coil:My primary to ground measures 3.8 ohms. My secondary to ground measures 12.6 Kohms. I'm not sure what the spec. are supposed to be for the primary coil. If someone could help me with that, I would greatly appreciate it. The stator source coil (under the magnets) measures no continuity when I put my meter leads to the two wires. I measured for resistance at the stator coil itself, bypassing the leads, and still nothing. I have a feeling this stator source coil may have failed when the plug became loose. Does anyone have a spec measurement (resistance) for the stator source coil? Thank you in advance.
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Old 06-29-2012, 09:03 AM
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Default PW80 no spark

I understand that this thread is considerably old, but I thought I would add what I found. When I tested my ignition coil it read out of spec. Great, replace the ignition coil, problem solved. When looking at the parts list it shows the ignition coil and the plug boot as separate items. This made me think. I pulled the plug boot off the coil and retested the coil. The coil was now perfectly in spec!! Performed continunity test on boot, no continuity. Problem solved. Boot was a hard plastic type, with heat and age it had cracked inside. The problem is that this makes it look like coil is gone when actually it was just the boot. I think this might be why a lot of people are having difficulties when they replace the coil and it still doesn't work. They are probably using the old boot section with the new coil. So if you are getting no spark remember to check the boot.
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