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Upside down boots 12-05-2019 08:43 PM

1999 YZ 250 fuel cutoff solenoid.
Hi, Thanks for that add... I'm looking for carberation advise. The 99 YZ 250 I'm working on has a fuel cutoff solenoid (OEM 190.00$). It cuts off a % of the fuel at a certain rpm to make it leaner and faster. The two wires have broken off the coupling. Both wires come fro the solenoid on the carb are red and the coupling . to the bike are multi colored differently. Does it matter what way I solder the two red wires on? Yamaha Tech support says they cut off any wires that come from the carb.
Should I leave the carb wires disconnected? (this bike wont be in a supercross race.


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