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Old 12-11-2015, 12:10 PM
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Usflag 1998 rt180

Alright im new here and seek your knowledge to help me fix my98 rt180. I bought a 98rt180 from my friend for 84$. While my friend owned it when it last ran i was riding it and it startes cutting out and back fired and then died. It did fire up once after that but juat startes idling higher and higher so i killed it. I assumed maybe the reeds were worn and opening at idle causing it to idle higher. I pulled the reeds and i could see daylight through them. He didnt wanna pay for reeds so i bought it from him. The bike has a fairly new top end as the piston is very clean and has .025 stamped on top. The cylender walls are in great shape. I installed the new boyeson reeds and it still only backfires when i kick it. I pulled the plug and it only randomly sparks. I have oredered a flywheel puller but im not sure on what to look for. Maybe the pickup coil? I had the exact same problem on a 25hp evinrude and i changed the pickup coil and it ran great after that. My question here is what do yall think is the problem and how do i check for faulty ignition parts? I dont wanna spend money and just guess whats wrong and have to spend more cause i got it wrong. Im sorry for the long paragraph any help is much appreciated thanks
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Old 12-11-2015, 06:09 PM
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Start off by doing a coil ohms test on the primary and secondary sides. You could have rusty or dirty coil mounts, rusty flywheel, bad kill switch or a corroded spark plug cap. I would check each of those prior to the purchase of any parts other than a new spark plug. I would also that the jets out of the carb and clean them.

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