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Old 03-02-2005, 04:25 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???


KTM parts.
Hmm lets see. Brake pads, chain, sprockets, a new top end, top end gaskets and a side stand bolt in two years. That is it! The only part I had to go to the dealer for was a side stand bolt. I can live with out it but I replaced it and the replacement bolt was a redesigned better bolt.

Dealer support of parts.
Hmm what the heck do I need to go to the dealer for?
Top end (Wiseco)
Clutch (I have about 3 aftermarket choices)
Reeds (boysen)
Brakes (about 5 choices)
Chain (lots of choices)
Sprokets (again lots of choices)
Throttle cable (motion pro)
Wheel Bearings and seals (if you know a KTM you buy them from Enduro Engineering or E rider)
Hiem bearing (E rider for the life time one)
Swing arm bearings (pivot works)
Levers and controls (all magura which is all aftermarket)
Carb Parts (standard PWK carb go to Sudco or Carb parts ware house for parts)
Air filter (moose or twin air)
Fork seals (about three choices and I can get them dirt cheap on E-bay)

So what am I left with having to go to the dealer for? Also if one has a good vernier caliper and a good hardware store and a NAPA or Oreily parts store you can measure out any seal or bearing or O ring and they will have it on the shelf or can get it the next day. I have done that for years with all the bikes I have owned and I have owned my fair share of Japanesse bikes.

If I need any other part besides those I am into major internal components and most dealers do not stock them and the bike is going to be down for a while.

I also do periodic inspections and maintenance checks of the bike and critical wear areas and parts. This allows me to replace a part before it wears out. I also keep a complete set of normal wear parts (brakes, chain, sprockets, wheel bearings, seals.....) on hand so I can change them when I want to change them. Yes my dealer stocks them, but when I am changing a tire and I stick my finger in the wheel bearing and turn it and feel it is slightly rough I can change it right then because I have the bearing on my shelf.

Is a KTM a better than a Japaneese bike? Got to love these subjective questions. I will say that I like a European off road bike. I like my 300 EXC. If I was to buy a new bike tommorow I would be seriously looking at a 450 EXC or TE450 to add a thumper to compliment the two stroke. If I was looking at a MX bike becasue I rode MX I would be looking at all my choices regaurdless of the color of plastic.

Also take a look at my signature line. I also own a XR600R. Good bike. The only draw back is the weight.

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Old 03-02-2005, 06:29 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

Let's keep it about the bikes. No more inflamatory personal comments or I will lock this thread.

BTW, I have darn near one of each color in my garage and they are all good at some things and bad at others. Dealer support on ALL of them is poor at best. I agree with Mike on the availability of Honda parts from Service Honda. And KTM Talk has a GREAT way of buying KTM parts (dealers bidding for YOUR business) at the lowest cost.

Now let's get back to constructive conversation.
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Old 03-02-2005, 07:15 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

Amen to that Vintage!

I was really letting them get to me. But anyway the dealer support from the place i got my Suzuki has been very good. Suzuki has really good programs as does Honda, especially for the younger guys around 5-11 ya know. I am not all that familiar with KTM's dealer support and such. I havnt personally had any experiance with KTM dealerships myself.

Well nice to get this thread back on track

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Old 03-02-2005, 07:35 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

Vintage Dave, I just noticed a Cr480 on your tag line thingy. Have you had that all along or just slip it in recently? Guys, sometimes the best BRAND to buy is the one the best DEALER sells in your area. I sure wish there was an old school Husky dealer in my hometown like there used to be. I'd be lookin good one one of those new 4 smoke 250's.....
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Old 03-02-2005, 08:20 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

I ride my dad's '03 KTM 250SX frequently. I'm not sure how it compares with the CR's, but this thing's power hits pretty stinking hard. With the help of a 10oz Steahly flywheel weight, it makes for a surprisingly good bike on the trails. If there are no KTM dealers in your area, then I'd probably choose the Honda...
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Old 03-02-2005, 08:41 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???


The 480 has been there for a couple of years. I picked it up out of a local paper 2 years ago and took it down for a restoration last year. Our race season starts this Sunday and I am taking my 490, 480, and 450 with me. I guess I like Open class bikes. I figure if I can pull a third gear start, the bike is right for me.
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Old 03-03-2005, 09:23 AM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

The main thing I wanted the original poster to consider was factors outside of just buying the bike. And the fact that because the EXC/MXC models are great offroad bikes, that doesn't mean the SX is one as well. As tman88g said, the SX hits pretty hard (so does my '02 CR for that matter), which sounds most unlike the KTM off roaders. The KDX is a great offroad bike too, but that doesn't mean the KX is anything but another motocrosser. The original poster also said he wanted to race, not ride on the track, but race. That changes the discussion entirely, at least in my mind. If you want to race, then that becomes the #1 job function of the machine. Yeah, you could buy a KDX and motocross it, but you'd also be wasting your time since you'd get your head handed to you. If it were just the occasional trip to the track, then yeah, get the KDX (or EXC) and take whatever track performance you get. But racing is a whole different kettle of fish. One fundamental part of motorsports is making sure you show up at the starting line with the best tool for the job. If you don't, you're simply beating yourself before the race even starts. And racing is expensive, so doing it in a backwards manner like that makes no sense at all.

Yeah, it's good to have a supply of common spares on hand. With that said, how many of the readers of this site are relatively young? For most, "young" is a synonym for "poor" and that means that a few hundred bucks in spare parts on the shelf isn't an option. It's also why I brought up the Ebay factor on the Hondas. Being able to buy all sorts of accessories for it on the cheap is a BIG plus if you don't have two nickels to rub together most of the time. I admit I don't have that extensive pile of spares on the shelf for my bikes. Probably because doing so, at least for the Maico, would put me in the poor house.

The KTM Talk parts info is good to know as I honestly didn't know of such a source for OE KTM parts. The only source I knew of was bending over at the local dealer. Yeah, you can source seals and bearings from NAPA or a bearing house, if you have a good one locally, but I can get Honda seals and bearings cheaper than I can buy them from a local bearing supplier and I also know they're a perfect fit and 100% compatible with the rest of the engine.

While I'm not young, I have found it handy to have a bunch of dealers in my area before, even if most of them are lousy as far as parts on hand, service, and anything else. When I needed water pump seals on a short notice, it took five calls to track down the bits I needed. But that's the key: I had ten different places to try before the weekend went up in smoke. Sure, I should have had the parts on the shelf, but I didn't. Having a dozen Honda dealers around saved my bacon.

As for what parts you need from the dealer: gaskets are a big one. Yeah, there are aftermarket kits on Ebay, but that doesn't help you when you just tore your last side cover gasket and need a new one in a pinch. Been there, done that.

Dave, you said "taking my 490..." Can you be a bit more explicit as I see more than one 490 in the garage listing, assuming another didn't sneak in overnight.
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Old 03-03-2005, 10:00 AM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

This bike is being bought used. When I look in the classifieds,,,,there sure arent many KTM's. basically making it a sellers market? You will get more bikes to look at and more differences in prices if you go Honda instead of KTM. Sure you will have a great selection of new KTMS to look at,,,but i think in the original post,,,,you were going to buy 99-02.

So the question is this, in your area,,,,,are you able to find the KTM you want for a competitive price,,,,,or the Honda?
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Old 03-03-2005, 08:54 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

sorry i haven't posted. the ktms seem like great bikes herd alot of good things about them as for the hondas also. honda is all that i ever owned and they were always bulletproof. i've just had alot of problem with my X. well i was looking at all the bikes you've guys suggested and i really like the mxc 300 and the 250exc. one of my friends recently bought a 300 exc and it ripped way harder then my X, as i expected it would. but its kinda more power then i need so i was considering the 250exc, i ruled the SX outta this one. but i still like the hondas. if i was to get a 250exc which would be the best year bollow 03? cause i don't wanna red sticker bike. thanks for all the info, i really wasn't expecting to get this much info so thanks alot everyone who posted on this topic
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Old 03-03-2005, 09:10 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???


I'm taking my 81 490. The 82 donated it's engine to my 81 frame until I have a chance to rebuild the 81 engine. I hope the clutch will make it through this weekend. I need to replace the steels because I smoked them back in October at the Vintage Pro-Am in Houston. Haven't been to a vintage race since. I got taken out at the GMB race the next weekend and really haven't been riding much since then due to weather, work, and a general lack of time. I figure I should be fairly stiff next week.
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Old 07-05-2005, 11:37 PM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

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Old 07-06-2005, 09:44 AM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

get the cr, ktms all basically suck before 03 compared to the others. Sure, they keep getting better but those were great years for honda and honda is a very reliable company
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Old 07-17-2005, 08:06 AM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

I have had both and am currently on a 250sx 04.I just got the ktm yesterday and am going to the track today to put the first ride on it.My 02 cr 250 had alot of power and felt very nervous compared to the ktm.I loved my honda but I will post a ride report on how the 250sx compared to my cr 250.
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Old 07-17-2005, 09:05 AM
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Default Re: 250SX or CR250???

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