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Old 11-21-2004, 05:31 PM
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Default RMK900 ride report

Normally, when a company introduces a first year machine, it's best to wait a year for the bugs to be worked out. Not this year! The 900RMK is the best snowmobile (stock or modified) that I've ever ridden. It has a great motor, handles very well, and climbs like a goat.

The motor is deceptively fast. It doesn't hit like a normal two-stroke; it just has a ton of torque that has you going super-fast before you realize it. It ran strong on flat ground, up hills and in deep powder. It also runs very clean. Starting it indoors when cold yielded very little smoke like a normal sled.

This machine handles like no other. While the suspension soaked up the bumps well, it was the turning that impressed me. Mine is the 151" track and it felt more like a 136" through the turns. The adjustable steering is the best thing though. You can cruise at #4 or #5 and it feels like any RMK with mountain bars. Put it at #6 or #7 and you have instant snocross or hillclimbining settings. Combine that with a great seating position that allows transferring your feet to both sides with ease and you have a winner.

All these aspects lead to what this sled is made to do best; climb the steep and deep. I took it to an area with deep snow, steep inclines and a lot of trees. I felt like a fat kid at the cookie factory! I would ease up to the line I picked to climb, slide the bars up to #7 and hammer it. The sled seemed to read my mind. It was easy to move around on and could power and finesse it's way up the slopes and around the trees like a polar bear on steroids. I love it!

If you've been considering purchasing one of these sleds, I highly recommend you go for it.
The only thing I can think to improve on at this point is tossing the stock silencer for something lighter. It's huge and heavy. Other than that, Polaris has hit a home run with this sled. I can't wait for next weekend. 1alldave and I will be tearing up the mountains on our 900's!

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Old 11-30-2004, 10:44 AM
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Default Re: RMK900 ride report

Sounds sweet!
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