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Old 04-03-2009, 11:27 PM
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Default how expensive can a 125 be?


im looking to buy a 125 (no brand pref unless theres one to stay away from). i cant afford a new one so im look at second hand and a 2000 model or later. someone said that motocross bikes are very expensive and are no good for riding anywere except a track.

ive had a look around and got a bit of an idea about maintanence but what would be the worst case scenario? so far the most expensive thing i can find is scratching the cylinder. they dont overheat or anything if they arent ridden flat out? i dont want to ride slow i just dont have much experience
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Old 04-06-2009, 08:24 AM
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You might be better off to look at a smaller bore 4-stroke bike - like a Yamaha TTR - just to get startes. These are a lot more tolerant to a variety of riding. Your typical 2-stroke likes to be run pretty hard and unless you are really on top of the maintenance, can be a chore to keep running properly for just putting around - they just aren't well suited for putting around.

Racing a 125 (or just riding hard) can be a bit expensive. The engines just don't last long. I guess it depends on your expectations - I know guys that run the same motors for weeks, while I replaced at least the ring every single week to keep the compression fresh. Engine maintenance is the primary reason I switched to 250s. I like running 125s - I just don't like the constant maintenance.

Look into a TTR125. I think you will like that kind of bike.

Any other suggestions, guys?


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