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Old 04-27-2020, 02:35 PM
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Default Help a mama out!

Hi!! We live in Sherman Oaks, California and my 8 year old son wants to upgrade his bike. He currently has a bike I got on amazon and he wants something faster and more substantial.
I have ZERO experience or knowledge.
Can you please help guide me so I don't get my kid hurt and so that he can have a great experience?
He really wants to do this and I want to support him - and guide him safely and be smart about it.
Thank you so much!
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Old 04-27-2020, 09:32 PM
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1ST WHATS HIS SKILL LEVEL/ how big is he / what dose he like motox or trails / whats his knowledge of bikes? buy good safety equipment boots helmet. D ont buy a chinese bike.
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Old 04-28-2020, 03:28 PM
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Making a good recommendation with require some more information.

How old is he?
How tall is he?
Intended use- motocross, trail riding?
Experience level?
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