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Old 09-06-2016, 01:21 PM
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Question Advice for the Mom of 180/5'11/turning 14

My son is turning 14 and wants a dirt bike....And, after I took a brief look online, I realize I know NOTHING about what I should be looking for.

He's almost 6'0, 180 pounds, he's "ridden" before -as in a couple hours in his entire life.

Suggestions? What to stay away from? Cc's? I don't even know what questions to ask, but I sure would appreciate some advice. Thank you! Jamie
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Old 09-06-2016, 02:16 PM
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I would suggest a later model "250 F" 4 stroke bike for him. They will go fast enough, but the power delivery is mild enough even for a new comer. It will handle his size and weight.

Paw Paw
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Old 09-06-2016, 02:30 PM
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It really depends on what type of riding he wants to do- is he going to try racing on a track, trail riding, woods or off-road racing?
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Old 09-06-2016, 04:57 PM
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Who will be looking after the bike, mechanically?

A 250F 4 stroke will be easy enough for him to learn on, but not as easy to maintain mechanically. A bike that isn't mechanicallly sound, isn't safe.
One problem part can lead to 3 problem parts after one ride. Always make sure the bike is 100% ready to ride. If it's not spot on. Don't let him ride it. It'll just cost you, or he, money.
You'd be surprised with the dodgy stuff kids can come up with just to keep a bike running for another couple of hours. Kids live for the moment lol.

Is he a confident type of kid?
If so. A 125 2 stroke will be easier to look after and work on. Will be a bit harder to learn the basics on, but will teach him better riding techniques, and make him a better allround rider.

IMO, I also think lighter bikes with a lower centre of gravity are a lot safer.

If he's not a confident type kid, maybe a Honda CRF 230 4 stroke. Slower but heavier, easy to look after, and pretty safe. Great if you're the parent, not so much if you're the kid. IMO. I'm not a real fan. I think they are too heavy and boring to ride.
Kids pick things up quickly. He might be happy for the first 12 months or so, but then he'll want to upgrade to something better and more fun to ride.

I'll go with a Yamaha YZ 125 2 stroke as my suggestion. If not a new one, a second hand 2008 + model. 250F 4 stroke being my second pic.
If you go for a 4 stroke. I'd go for a new Suzuki RMZ 250. Should be great deals on the 2016 model ATM. Easy to ride, work on, and good value for the $$. My 2nd 4 stroke 250F pic would be a Honda CRF 250 R. Another bike that's pretty easy to ride.

Best advice I can give. Do as much research as possible before you buy. Don't skimp on the riding gear and factor that into the total costs.
If you're buying a new bike from a shop, make sure they look after you with new gear. Get a good deal on gear before handing over any cash for a bike.
Let your fingers do the walking and phone around all the local bike shops before leaving the house.
The longer he has to wait to get the bike, the more he'll appreciate it when he finally does get it. Kids have no appreciation for things that come too easy.
The more he appreciates the bike, the more leverage you'll have over him if he's not pulling his weight around the house or at school. You can use this to your advantage if you play your cards right lol.

A lot of beginners buy cheaper helmets and gear. In your case I'd say, What do you think your son's head and body is worth? Get the point I'm making?
Helmet tech has come a long way in the past couple of years. For example. Checkout the 6D helmets, or the new Bell "Flex" etc.
Boots with a sports shoe soul are good for motocross. A work boot type soul with a heel is better for the woods/trails.

Good onya Mum (Mom) . Cotton wool is way overrated IMO.
It's not just a dirt bike. It's a life style and access to a life time of great memories and the best mates he'll ever meet.
My mother bought my bikes. She didn't know it at the time, but it saved my life. My father blew his head off in front of me when I was 10. Had some serious PTSD going on. Dirt bikes were what I lived for. Still are actually.
When I'm riding, my mind is clear of any troubles bothering me and totally focused on the job at hand. For me, a good days riding is = to a weeks holiday. I smile most on Mondays.

Dirt Bikes are like toddlers. Best learn to walk before you try and run.

I hope it all works out well for you and the young bloke.

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Old 09-07-2016, 09:42 AM
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awesome Thank you

This is a lot to work with. Thank you. Yes, he's confident, but he NEEDS something like this. He will be riding off road/woods and trails in the mountains around where we live for now, but I'd love him to eventually race or compete or whatever it is that can he can do if he decides he loves it.

I agree he needs to appreciate it and the cost and sacrifice that goes into a purchase like this as well as trusting him with something that he will have to take seriously.

My dad and brother will help with maintaining it, and eventually they'll have taught me enough and my son enough that we will be able to work on at least the basics.

Thanks for the info on helmets and other gear. When I said I am clueless as to what to look for that was for all areas. I originally thought I should get a used bike, but now I'm thinking at the very least it needs to be from a dealer and not an individual.

I'll do some research on the suggestions everyone gave and please keep them coming!��

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Old 09-12-2016, 08:47 AM
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Yes 2SB all good advice. Important points being budget, but more important is spending money as an investment or wasting money trying to save it. A "cheap" motorcycle will be even cheaper when you go to sell, and may not be mchanically sound. I would stay away from the race inspired models as a first bike. A dealer would be a good place to start the hunt, and dont go to just one of you can help it. Get a "feel" for the salesman that is trying to help you rather than sell you. Advice is free and trust is priceless. Your son will most likely not keep his first bike forever, so factor that into your decision. It will be resold when he reaches the limits of its ability, and he will be better prepared to move on to more capable machines when his skills allow. Trust me when i say HE WILL HAVE FUN on whatever bike you decide to provide, so just make sure it is not going to be too much power. He should be able to touch the ground flat footed and lift if off of the ground easily. Yes it will be laying in the ground from time to time

Good on you mom, mine bought me a bike when I was 14. Kept me out of mischief then, and still does today at almost 50. Getting drunk staying up late and smoking would hamper my riding so I'm as healthy as I can be and in bed early... still can't wait to go riding!!
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