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Old 01-26-2015, 01:00 PM
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Default wr426 dreaded kick back

2002 yamaha wr426

having the common issue of kicking back when trying to start the bike. havnt had this issue before and its really irritating so any info on how to solve this problem would be great.

started happening last time i went riding, was doing some mountain climbing and crashed a lot, minor falls though nothing serious. bike was running fine as i was cruising down a light trail until the liscence plate fell off which had a brake light wired to it. couldnt get the bike to start after that. after about the 7th kick or so is when it starts to kick back. i figure it wasnt gettting spark, no gas was getting burned so after pumping it into cylinder it would start to hydrolock. i went through ign sys. and solved no spark issue which it did have. checked my valve timing and am spot on. i dont think kick starter mechanism is bad cuz with the spark plug out and or holding the decomp lever in the bike kicks over smoothly all day. only kicks back after building up some compression. so my theory is its still just way to rich. its got gas, compression and spark, valve timing is good. i just wanna know is there anything else to check? like is it possible to adjust spark timing or does the tps take care of that? any info at all would help greatly
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Old 01-26-2015, 01:46 PM
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1. check valve clearances
2. adjust your fuel screw under the carb
3. No need to adjust the ignition timing

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1. Check your decompression valve it could be leaking
2. Check your valve clearances
3. Check and adjust your fuel screw setting under the carb
4. No need for ignition timing changes
5. You bike should still start and run fine even if the TPS were to be unplugged.
6. Check your pilot jet for trash or plugged from old fuel

Paw Paw
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