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tundrabeagle3 02-17-2019 09:27 PM

2007 yz450 kickstart lever
I have a 2007 yz450 and keep snapping kickstart levers. Have gone through two of them wanted to upgrade but see they only have forged levers on the 2010 yz450s. Has anyone put one of these on an older 06-09 yz450? The splined part is still good on mine. Thanks

gusco 02-19-2019 07:35 AM

I can't answer your question directly, but this sounds odd (that you've broken several). Are you sure you're bringing it just past TDC before giving it a full kick? Are you sure the decompression system (and/or timing) on the bike is set/functioning correctly? Sounds like it's either building up a helluva lot of compression OR its being kicked past the compression stroke, causing a sudden load on the kickstarter.

cowboyona426 02-19-2019 09:04 AM

I agree, I would be looking for the cause of the issue before just throwing parts at it.

tundrabeagle3 02-23-2019 11:01 PM

I’m not sure the second kickstart lever I bought was used.Was able to fit the 2010 kickstart lever no problem the bike seems to run normal was going to check the valve lash but found out one of the valve cover bolts is stripped. �� And can’t take the stripped bolt off now.

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