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Old 09-21-2003, 06:50 PM
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Hey men I want to put together a list of who is going. I ask that all mods edit my post and add their name to the list if they are going. If a regular member adds a post please remove their post and add their name to this orignal post. They won't be able to edit my post. Im not adding no ones name but my own. Let's see who pays attention.

Any regular member or moderator not assigned to this forum can P.M. me with their information for inclusion in this thread / list.--Bill Baranrd

tag name: Motoman393
real name: Garrett Berg
bike # brand: 393 Honored Ghost Rider
location: Flying high and roosting in Heaven

tag name: Motodad393
real name: Mike Berg
bike # brand: 393 Yamaha YZ450F
location: Friendswood, Texas

tag name: Machoman393
real name: Mark Golleher
bike # brand : 550 - Yamaha 250F
location : Benton, Arkansas

tag name: Beastmaster
real name: Bryan Golleher
bike# brand: 393 - Yamaha 426F
location : Benton, Arkansas

tag name: Keetoman393
real name: Keith Housewright
bike # brand : 6 - Yamaha YZ426F
location : Sherman, TX

tag name: MotoMan
real name: Jim Vaughn
bike # brand : 4 - Yamaha YZ450F
location : Howe, Indiana

tag Name: i am Bazzy393
real Name: Zach Bazzy
bike # - brand: 262 - Yamaha YZ250F
location: Houston Texas

tag name: YZFracer212
real name: Clay Varley
bike # brand : 212 Yamaha YZ250F
location : Deer Park, TX

tag name-madcow393(imagine that)
real Name-John Barnard
bike # brand: 802 Honda CR125
location-Cantonment, Florida

real name=Dustin Dille
bike # brand: 323 Honda CR125
location=Zanesville, Ohio

tag name= Big Maico 393
real name= Howard Lobel
bike# brand: 69 brand Maico/KTM 525sx
location= Kingwood,Tx

tag name: zoohoot
real name: Josh Allen
bike# brand: Honda CRF450
location= Temecula, CA

tag name: Imahoot
real name: Tina Allen
bike# brand: Yamaha TTR225
location= Temecula, CA

tag name: cowboyona426
real name: Chase Bolyard
bike# brand: 69 KTM 525sx (Big Maico's bike)
location: Troy, ID

tag name: KTM250rm
real name: Rick McDowell
bike# brand: 393 KTM 250exc
location: Liberty, MO

tag name: mxzac
real name: Zac Connell
bike# brand: 105 KTM 125sx
location: Independence, MO

tag name: none
real name: Zac Nelll
bike# brand: ### Honda CR125
location: Blue Springs, MO

tag name: Valverde
real name: Wes Lorenz
bike # brand: 371 - Honda CR250R
location : Conroe, Texas

tag name: bates68_03CRF (On the injury/disabled list)
real name: Jeff Bates i.e. Kiddie Crash
bike # brand: 48 - Honda CRF450
location: Salt Lake City, UT

tag name: Woody_crf
real name: Jonathan Woodbury
bike # brand: 38 - Honda CRF450
location: Tooele, UT

tag name: Satch0922
real name: Brent McKinney
bike # brand: 9 - Yamaha YZ426F
location : Frisco, Texas

tag Name: Florida 393
real Name: Bill Barnard
bike #, brand: 521, Yamaha YZ426F
location: Cantonment, Florida

tag Name: hlguthery
real Name: Harley Guthery
bike #, brand: 00, Yamaha WR400
location: Plano, Texas

tag Name: Kirtwell
real Name: Curtis Caldwell
bike #, brand: 505, Yamaha YZ426F
location: Durant, Oklahoma

tag Name: Kirtwell JR
real Name: Nathan Caldwell
bike #, brand: 121, KTM 65
location: Durant, Oklahoma

tag name: therapture
real name: Keith Schaefer
bike # brand : #712, 2003 Honda CRF450
location: Victoria, Tx

tag name: Fastest1
real name: John Mundy
bike # brand : Yamaha YZ426F
location: Houston, Tx

tag name: davbrucas
real name: David Casey
bike # brand : #626 Yamaha YZ426
location : San Antonio, Tx

tag name: Madman 393 or Tman
real name: Tyler Guidice
bike# brand : 393 KX 500
location: Dallas, Texas

tag name: yardpro
real name: Steven Barts
bike# brand: 36, Honda CRF450
location: Morehead City, NC

tag name: VintageDave393
real name: Dave Garner
bike # brand: 73 Honda CRF450, 81 Maico 490, 83 Honda CR480
location: San Antonio, Texas

tag name :WYATT
real name: Johnny Munoz
bike# brand : 429 Yamaha yz450f - 04
location : Willis, Texas

tag name: TexasDirtNap
real name: Chris McCallan
Bike # brand : 27 - Yamaha YZ426F
location : Fairview, TX

tag name: TX 426 Twister
real name: Clayton Whitney
Bike # brand : Yamaha YZ426F - 02
location : Houston, TX

tag name: blitz393
real name: Rob Archer
Bike # brand : 8 Yamaha YZ125 - 92 (not racing)
location : Alamogordo, NM

tag name: crmx91
real name: Chris Harrison
Bike # brand : 91 Honda CR125 - 03
location : Bryan/College Station TX
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Old 09-21-2003, 09:35 PM
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I'm sticking this one. Great idea Macho. Now I can print it off and have it with me so I can try to remember next month!
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Old 10-01-2003, 03:12 AM
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ATM! Pro Class
Join Date: Dec 2002
Location: saline county Arkansas
Posts: 4,032

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