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Old 03-08-2006, 09:23 PM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

I have enjoyed reading these posts and then re-reading them. But, I too, am surprised that there are not more of them. You guys and gurls just put yourselves in the position of Mr. and Mrs. Berg and the reality of losing one of your precious children. Mr. Berg didn't contact anyone. Everyone else contacted him because of their respect for Garrett. The friendships and respect quickly developed because these spontaneous contacts were revealing a sense of purpose to Garrett's life on and off the Net.
Let's face it. Most of us are naturally selfish beings and we tend to venture into something only if it will benefit US! Well, Garrett Michael Berg didn't have that negative characteristic. That is EXACTLY why is our Internet home. Maybe some of us just ride the good "vibes" and enjoy not getting flamed. Maybe some of us just don't really know how to express what we feel in words. Whatever your reason for being here, I would encourage you to share it. You don't have to "measure up". You don't have to share the longest or most touching post. You don't have to make sense to anyone but yourself. But, if you can post a message here, you are part of . So give us an idea of why you enjoy being part of this family.
You may never get the chance to travel to a GMB event but it doesn't mean you can't post your thoughts and feelings on the deeper issues of the site's foundation. That's why this is the best site on the net!
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Old 03-09-2006, 09:09 AM
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Re: "Me and Family 393"

Where to begin...honestly I had never heard of this site until one day I searched "Reynard" and this was one site that came up. I read the post about Robbie and saved it to my very long motocross list of web sites. Than I was touched by an email I recieved from a little boy's Aunt...this is when my life with Cody and ATM began. Within a week of me making an airline ticket and heavy in plans for Cody's special weekend I get a PM on another website. It was from Howard aka bigmaico393 he offered his support and sadness of what was happening to Cody and to his family. He then gave me a link to this website to see all the special things the great people at ATM were writing. I immediately signed up to be a member. I was overwhelmed by an entire community spread all over the world wanting to sign a card for a little boy they never met. A day later I got another PM from Howard and he asked me to call him. I think the funniest thing about him is he had no clue I was Robbie Reynard's sister (is the name RRsis not clear enough ) He was offering me ways to help make Cody's weekend special trying to get passes, set me up with teams..until he found out who I was...then he said calmly ooo well you might have more connections then me. We laughed. He was very easy to talk to and I aplogize now if I talked your ear off Howard...It is a bad habit...My parents didn't call me jabber jaws for nothing! :
Then a day later he asked me to call him again. I did and this time he said he had talked to Mr. Berg and that they wanted to help me out with everything to make Cody's weekend happen. This group of people are unreal 3 days later I recieved a check, 3 GMB shirts , stickers and a video. I gave Cody and his dad a shirt and I posted the picture of Cody in his here. It was the first place I went and posted when I got home from my weekend with Cody. I will never be able to thank them for what they did. They helped me help a little boy smile. It was perfect.
I feel a connection with everyone here. It is a great place and now I am an ATM member for life...or until you guys get tired of my long posts!!! Like I said I am the talker in the family. I hope someday soon I will be able to meet these men that helped make Cody's weekend, but who also touched my heart with their compassion and stories. I read the "letter" and the raw emotion in it makes me cry thinking of it. I want to strive in life to hope that when it is my time to go that I will be remembered in such a way. That I made an impact in so many lives...because not evening knowing him, but learning the memory of Garrett has made a huge impact on my life.

God Speed and take care to all

And I love all of you out in the ATM communtiy (this has gotten me all emotional..sorry guys)


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Old 03-09-2006, 09:46 AM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

(this has gotten me all emtional..sorry guys)
Real People Cry
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Old 03-09-2006, 12:15 PM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

It started for me by reading the "Letter to my Son" post on TT shortly after the first GMB. Being a father of 3, I could not pull my self away from reading post after post after post. I had to shut my office door for hours and completely break down. I missed the first GMB, but I would NOT miss the second. Several months passed and I was riding at 3-Palms in Conroe when I noticed a truck drive by with a 393 number in the back. It was Mike and Matt. It took me a few minutes to muster up the courage but I walked over a visited with them. I had to tell Mike face to face about how much of an impact he made on my life with his letters. I know I am a better father and husband from reading those letters! I have been blessed with the chance to ride and race at the GMBII and GMBIV, but most importantly to meet the members of TT and ATM as well as make many new friends. Mike Berg may never know the impact he has had on myself as well as others, my hope is he may.

Thank You Mike Berg!
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Old 03-09-2006, 02:30 PM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

Wow...what a post.

My story is kind of unique as many here are. I was not one of the original band of brothers, I was actually brought here by a fellow member/moderator 2fun. I was a member of another now defunct board with 2fun and we kept in touch via e-mail for a year or so after it went down.

2fun e-mailed me out of nowhere one day and said hey, check this out. I came on the then "moto emporium" browsed around and was drawn in by a "home" feeling that I just really cannot explain. I immediately registered as MotoMan having no idea of Garrett's legacy or the connection.

A few days, or perhaps the next day even I cannot remember, I got a PM from a guy that called himself Machoman. He was asking me to change my username, and frankly, he was rather short with me in doing so. I then discovered why this site was here, and immediately wrote a letter back to Macho and Mr. Berg explaining my deepest sympathies and my reasoning for using my username, but also understanding why they would like it changed and would do so if they wished. Long and short, I was allowed to keep the name that I now use, and was brought into a family like none I have ever seen before.

My first GMB was GMBII, Yardpro and I had met in a shopping center in the middle of TN and drove down together to TX, I had never met him in my life before that meeting in a wal-mart parking lot, and we jumped in the truck and headed south. The next day we where the first ones to the Berg residence and we had the honor of meeting one of the most influential people of my life, Mike Berg and his family.

From there, the ways this site and the people that make it up have helped me is immeasurable. 2 almost life ending accidents, divorce, marriage, I can go on and on.

Garrett's legacy truly lives on here at ATM and although I never had the privilege of meeting the young man that has touched so many of us, I feel that I know him well.

Thanks to all of you here, who have shown me the love and support that you have.

Jim Vaughn
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Old 03-09-2006, 03:02 PM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

What awesome stories to read. This is tough.

Like many that are a part of this family, I never had the chance to meet or speak to Garrett. In fact, I found ATM before Thumpertalk when I was looking to sell my quad and buy a dirtbike. I stumbled accross ATM, through a google search, I think.

Like Char said, I could see immediately that this place was special. Woody_CRF and others answered my silly questions kindly and quickly, and in no time I had my CRF and was forever attached to ATM. After being a member for a few weeks I began reading the GMB forum and heard of the upcoming GMBII memorial race.

Attending GMBII changed my life forever.

I had the opportunity to meet and get to know Mike and Suzette, as well as many other awesome members of the ATM family. I will never forget meeting my first fellow ATMer (Keeto) in the lobby of our motel in Houston . I will never forget how Mike so openly shared his thoughts and feelings regarding Garrett. I will never forget how Mike continues to help teach me how to be the best father I can be. I will never forget how much Garrett teaches all of us about the importance of living our life the best way we can.

The GMB family is also special to me because it introduced me to a new passion in my life, motocross videography and photography. GMBII was the first motocross video I ever made, and now everytime I film a race or more recently take photos of Supercross, I am reminded that I owe this excitement and opportunity in my life to Garrett.

Now, October is the highlight of our year. My family constantly talks about our plans to make it out for the GMB, who we will meet, the trips there and back. Such good times. Such special times.

Roost on Motoman393
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Old 03-09-2006, 06:35 PM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

I tried writing my story for this post several times but I just never found the words to describe the feeling of love and compassion from such a great group of people.

I had just bought my 426 and was looking for tips on how to fine tune it when I ran across Thumpertalk. I looked around but never joined until I kept on seeing this post about a young man that had gave his life doing what he loved. I read it every day as it grew and grew with disbelief at first, then shock and so much sadness when it was found out to be true.

I was reading Mr. Berg's letter one night and got a PM from him asking me if I were coming to the race on Thanksgiving. I was in awe but sadly had to turn it down due to having family come to town that I hadn't seen in years. Had I gone to the race and went through the emotion the rest of the men and women did that weekend, I would not have wound up with a broken back. My accident was a blessing in disguise however, because I had to stay home for a month and every single day I read about what Michael Berg was all about and the people that loved him.

At that time, Florida393 sent me a PM asking me to come and check out this brand new website that Madman (Tyler) had started. It was there that I started chatting with Tyler as well as a few others. Tyler had previously asked me to meet him at Badlands MX park and he would attempt to show me how to ride MX as I had never been on a MX track before. I chickened out but later I saw a guy that was not far from me and noticed he was racing at Badlands. I can't recall who sent the PM first but I met up with Kirtwell one weekend and went with him to that race. To make a long story short, used to work with Kirtwell and I was telling him about this other guy that had asked me to go to Badlands with him. Being the small world that it is, they later found out that Kirtwell was Tyler's DI in the army and had last seen him in Germany.

I got to chatting with Machoman in the new "chat box" and we had a lot of fun teasing each other. In March of 03, Tyler set up a ride with Mr. Berg and Machoman came from Arkansas to join us. I had never met Macho before but he felt like a family member the first time I met him. When we got to Tyler's house, he handed me a brand new set of bark busters and said he would not take any money for it but to just "pay it forward" to someone else that was in need.

That weekend with Mr. Berg and the rest of the guys that participated was truly special. We had a lot of "man to man" heart talk and I was a different person when I left.

I met up with Macho at Big Maico's house for the first planning meeting and it was like seeing old family. Big M even had me walk into the house and yell out "Honey I'm home" to his wife (which I did) and she laughed so hard at that. I knew right then that there was something special about this group of people. Big M let me stay at his house that night even though I was a complete stranger. Dave came the next day and I was just in awe of that man's bike knowledge.

My first race was that October and I was excited but nervous to meet all of these strangers that I had just made contact with via ATM. I remember checking into the motel and seeing this big red truck pull up out front with a bike in it and somehow I just knew it had to be Zoo. That was a really cool moment. I think I turned to him and asked if he was here for the GMB race and he had this shocked look on his face like... I know you! One guy, Yardpro, even trusted me enough to have a pipe he ordered sent to my house because he wouldn't be there to pick it up as he left a couple of days before me to get to the race.

Garrett has passed on a legacy and every time we gather at "the tree", I can feel his presence. I have yet to see anyone that goes to that tree, where we set the memorial, leave with a dry eye.

Through the years the family has grown yet the love among us all grows with it. I am awed every year I go to a memorial race at how much the family has grown. giggle every time I see a new person and how they react to how they are welcomed and then the love spreads over them and they are changed. I couldn't ask for a better group of people to call my friends. Scratch that, you guys are my family!

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Old 03-09-2006, 07:23 PM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

well, i'm a new member to ATM, my big brother (quadfather03) told me i should check it out. i love supercross an enjoy learnin about quads and dirtbikes. it wasnt til recent that i found out the real reason for the establishment of this site. Mr Berg's post are touchin an i cant read them w/out cryin. i hope that one day i can make it down to a memorial race. this site is proof that ppl can come together an help each other out. To the Berg Family, my thoughts and prayers are with you.

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Old 03-09-2006, 10:16 PM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

I Remember the day I became part of the Garrett Family
It was the first time My Son rode on a MX Track
I Had only been there acouple of times Robert who
owns Splendora Started working where I work at
and He ask Me to come try his track out......
Of coarse I Loved it
Myself & MySon show up at Splendy and Robert Really
is shaken about something and I ask Him and He
told Me of the events of Garrett's accident Not
one hour before We arrived. I've Been Here
ever since through All of the GMB's Except last Yr
Heck i did an endo the first GMB on Garrett's 426
Man they engine brake Hard
I've Met Some of the Greatest Family from one
coast to another and LOOK FORWARD to meeting
the rest

OSF393- Don W.
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Old 03-10-2006, 12:16 AM
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Default Re: "Me and Family 393"

This hard to put into words but I will try.

I found ATM doing a search for motorcycle info. I had been out of bikes for many years and one day DBK askes to get a dirtbike. We made him a deal for grades and he would get a dirtbike. Well as you might figure by now he held his end and we held ours.

Once I found ATM I started asking questions about my newly purchased 426 and the first person to ever answer me was Florida393. I then started browsing the site and learning of Garrett and the Berg Family. I met the Hoot Family and we started riding together at El Mirage. I wanted to go to GMBII and couldn't make it. I vowed then to make GMBIII no matter what, even if I had to quit my job at the time. I rode with the Hoots to Texas and the minute I met Mike Berg I felt liks his friend not because I had talked to him on ATM but because he made me feel that way. He is a warm kind hearted person and I felt like maybe we had something in common being fathers.

As I arrived at the famous Splendy I couldn't help taking in the area with the large trees and thick vegitation. While at the track that Saturday I was able to meet many people that I had talked to on the site. I felt a little out of place because I don't ride tracks very much but I have never had a problem talking to people I had never met and making friends fast.

After riding almost all day I talked to all I could and they all made me feel right at home and part of the family. I cried Sunday many times and could barely get out a thank you and goodbye to Mr. Berg when it came time to leave. The hug he gave me made me feel like a family member. I knew then that I would be coming to GMB's every year as long as I can.

That weekend changed me forever. It may not seem like it to DBK but it did and I treasure the time that I get to spend with him. I also have the memories of DBK learning to ride and the fun we had trail riding.

I wish I was a member of the Band of Brothers but being a member of the "Motoman393 Race Team" is an honor and pleasure I will always have in my life.

Me and my family 393 is and will always be part of my life.

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