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Old 08-20-2005, 10:56 AM
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Default Garrett M. Berg " Motoman393" Memorial Fund - Vision Statement

On September 22, 2002 my son was accidentally killed in a motocross accident in Splendora, Texas. I found myself living the “nightmare” of every Motocross parent! During the darkest days imaginable I was shocked, numb and completely shattered inside. I was at a loss – how would I go on? In retrospect, “that final day” life became a living nightmare that has no end.

I received a phone call from a friend of my son whom told me to log on and see what was happening. Prior to this I had never visited Thumpertalk. I sat at the computer screen for the better part of 72 hours crying and watching the motocross/dirt rider community respond in an incredible way! People all over the United States and many parts of the world came together in a phenomenal display of love and compassion on the electronic highway. I was “astonished” at how people were responding to the death of my only son. I was humbled, proud, and yet taken aback at the volume of people Garrett touched, or helped in a positive way, literally across the world.

I had no idea of the depth that Garrett was helping and impacting people. In fact, was created by Tyler Guidice after he attended the first Garrett Berg Memorial Race on December 1, 2002. This “new found Family” that came together during the darkest days imaginable helped sustain me and unknowingly gave me the desire to ever so slowly move on with my life. The MX Dirt Riding Family gave so much to my family. People began sending money, letters, emails and prayers. Out of necessity I started a Memorial Fund to handle the donations sent by our new found family, the MX Dirt Rider community.

My intention for all funds associated with the Memorial Foundation is to “give back to and help” the community that unknowingly gave me the desire to live! This community is the MX Dirt Rider Family that consistently has proven themself by selflessly giving to those whom find themselves in dire need. After much introspection it is our desire to assist families within the MX Dirt Rider community for as long as the funds last. For example, things like a “MX Make a Wish Foundation” to help fulfill a child’s dream, academic scholarship assistance, or even helping a family of a child in need whom belongs to this wonderful MX Dirt Rider Family.

All reasonable requests will be reviewed and considered by a “select group” of people known as “The Band of Brothers 393.” These select individuals were brought together in a very special and unique way – by the life and death of a young man, my only son Garrett Michael Berg known by many as “Motoman393.”

I thank each of you for your continued support, sponsorship and donations to the Garrett M. Berg “Motoman 393” Memorial Foundation.


Michael E. Berg
“Motodad 393”
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Old 08-20-2005, 11:45 AM
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Default Re: Garrett M. Berg " Motoman393" Memorial Fund - Vision Statement


It simply amazes me how the whole thing came together out of the darkest days of a family's life. I am grateful to the friends in the dirtbikin community that were there to help bring a small sense of light to you and your family. Whenever I read anything you post that has anything to do with Garrett it gives me pause for reflection. Please don’t ever stop posting your thoughts and words.

I am excited and proud for Suzie, Shannon and yourself to meet my son and dirtbikin nut at GMBIV. Jack wants to follow in Garrett's footsteps in that he wants to learn more about bikes and be able to help others as Garrett did. How will he do that you ask? He wants to attend MMI when he graduates high school next summer and learn from the ground up about bikes.

We took a tour of the MMI in Phoenix, Arizona last weekend. It is going to be expensive but we were quite impressed with the school and backing from the major manufactures. We will be talking to career councilors at his school and mom will be filling out applications for government grants to help pay for it. His ultimate goal is to get hired on to a factory motocross team as a mechanic. He has made a decision that he wants to make his life and career in the motorcycle industry. We support his decision whole heartedly.

I am hoping that my wife makes it to GMBIV also. It looks pretty good at this point however her company is moving about that time and it could affect whether she makes it or not. I hope she can so she can meet the Berg family that I talk about so often.

Maybe this wasn’t the right place to put these words but the thoughts came to me after reading the first two paragraphs of the vision statement so I put them down.

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