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Old 10-23-2005, 10:07 PM
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Default Re: The Band of Brothers 393

Yes, it has touched other men's hearts. Mine for sure. It is something that forces us to look deep within ourselves and reach for the positive...... Strive to be the best we can be..... Make a difference in our family. There is no prerequisite demanding that we be a corporate controller, CEO, or President of a nation in order to make a difference. Making a difference within your family is a very big deal. Set a good example and lead the way through life. Mr. Berg obviously did this for Garrett and it has resulted in an "extended family" of which I am honored to be a part. The Berg family continues to set an example for all of us and I was honored to share a hug with each of them earlier this month. They are making a difference in a very large "family".
I would like to add that a cause such as ATM draws good people because good people always recognize the opportunity to better themselves. I am a better man because of this family. I hold myself to higher standards. I challenge each of you to do the same. And I offer humble thanks to the Berg family.
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Old 10-24-2005, 06:05 AM
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Default Re: The Band of Brothers 393

Jedi just to let you know.............when you see a kid running around with a big smile on their face ALL THE TIME. You are doing it right. Thats all I seen Clint do! Man Its unreal to me to see that in a kid. I call you OBIE WAN CAN NOBODY in jest. Dave your doing an awesome thing with your boy. You my friend got a heart for others. I consider you a man amongst men, you have my full respect. Yes your part of the group that is still growing ,the Band of Brothers. I seen it last year in Boyd. I seen it in you this year. There is alot of others that feel the same way, Brent,Char,Dane,Zoot etc that I know are also part of the special group called Band of Brothers. There might be an orginal group, but like many groups it only gets stronger and better as time goes bye.I wish there was not a group.....................but as an honor to one fine young man we can make a difference in others lifes.
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Old 10-24-2005, 06:45 AM
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Default Re: The Band of Brothers 393


Well said indeed. I am not sure about being a member of the Band Of Brothers but I feel I have certainly grown from meeting the Berg family and sharing tears with the likes of the ATM crowd that shows up each year.

I certainly have held myself and my wonderful sons to a higher standard. I feel like Debbie and I as parents have made a difference. I have always believed it starts at home. I know it's not always apparent around home but I receive complements all the time about DBK when he is in the the presence of other adults. For that I am very happy and extremely proud. I feel lucky to have a 17 year old boy who is focused on his future and has let nothing stand in his way. I know he will be a great parent and adult as his life progresses.

Garrett has struck many in a positive way and Mike & Suzette Berg are the reason for that. I love the fact that Mike carries that on and teaches us all to look inside and learn from him and ourselves. How could any father not feel a bond with Mike. I certainly do and was quite happy to see him ask for a word with DBK before he moves to Phoenix to attend MMI.

Mike, Suzette and Shannon thank you for sharing your pain and hearts with all of us each year. We are better people because you are top notch parents.

Dane Evans

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Old 09-21-2006, 01:17 PM
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Default Re: The Band of Brothers 393

Originally Posted by Macho393 View Post
The Band of Brothers 393
Hello Atm ,
I 'm writing you this letter to let you know what and who the Band of Brothers 393 is about.

I had been visiting Thumber Talk for about 6 months. I was getting use to replieing to threads and becoming close to certain people on the 250 side. I came home from a Harescramble race one Sunday night and started to read the days post.In big letters was a post" Motoman 393 past away today"!. I click it and started to read. I read it every hour, everyday, I would log on to it at work . The replys from all over the country, the world ,was truely amazing. I began to cry everytime I read these post. People being touch by one young man. I thought to my self there is hope for this world. I then started to read Garrets post and his web site. He was so blessed at a young age. A truely gifted and talented young man. Then one day I logged on and read his Dad's letter to him. I BROKE DOWN IN TEARS, uncontrollable tears. This man was hurting so bad. I was truely heart broken for Mike and his family. I read it many many times and each time my heart broke for Garret and his family.I thought to myself that Garrett has did more for people in 17 years than I have done in 38 years. This is the type of son I want my boy to be like. What can I do for Mike to show him how much I care. I knew I had a Harescramble race coming up. I decided to race it in honor of Garrett Berg family. You might think so. Just to let you guys know I'm a mid pack rider, nothing special. The best I had did all year long was a 4th place finish in my class.That day of the race I prayed that Garrett would ride with me in spirit. Everytime I started to fall back I would hollar out loud Motoman! I would get a second wind and pick up my pace. That day I rode for Garrett and raced harder than I did in my life. The lord provided me with a second place finish. I did it with Garrett's help. I sent the Trophy to Mike Berg and wrote him a letter about how I raced in Honor of his son and family and decated this race to them. I was also at this time Talking with John (Ego) on line. I really don't know how we started e-mailing each other. But I think it was the time he was going through family problems and some people on TT was ragging him and he took a leave of absence from TT. That concern me and I told him what I did at my race. I told him he is one of the reasons I did it because of his true concerns and love he has for the Bergs..This started a bond between John and I. Next thing I knew there was going to be a mx race in honor of Garrett. I could feel the Lord telling me to go. But I didn't want too. I don't like to go to strange places and meet people. It's not who I am. Mike Berg called me one evening and from the time I heard his voice, he felt like family( I was bonded to him through tears and didn't know it yet). He thanked me for the trophy and remembering his son. I thanked him for his letter to his son. It changed my life. He asked me to come to the Garrett Berg Memorial Race and said I could stay at his house. I was truely shocked. This man was wanting to meet me. I fought the discission of going to the race. I e-mail Mike and said I would be there and thanks for letting me come to his house. Well by this time, Ego (John) and I were becoming close through prayer about his family and talks about life. The race was on Dec 1st. I got to Mike's house on Friday before the race. I had not told anybody this but one of my main concerns was for Shannon Berg. This is Mike daughter. I have a hugh soft spot for girls. Shannon was the only one at home when I got there. So I got to spend time just talking to her. The only bad part was I thought her dogs where going to eat me. But thats another story. Well Suzette got home next(yes I said home). We visited awhile and Bill Barnard and his family showed up. Bill reminded me of one of my drill sergants in the army. Yes he scared me abit. About a hour late Mike , John and Matt showed up. It was like a big family gathering. That night Tyler showed up. As I sat on the couch watching a video of Garrett and Matt riding bikes I thought to myself" I feel at home". We stayed up until 2 in the morning. The next day we all went to SPLENDORA Garrett's favorite track. I was truely scared when I saw the track. I have never at that point rode a mx track. Mike took us pretty much one to two at a time to the tree that Garrett hit and told us what happened. We cried, we prayed we bonded. We then got to go out on the track and ride. We rode and rode that day sheding tears in our helments and smiling at the same time. My elbow was hurting me from arm wrestling during Thanksgiving. I took 3 BC's and it still hurt. Bill gave me half of one of his pain pills and the pain went away. I could tell that Bill knew my arm was really hurting. He took care of me. Thanks Bill.
We left that evening and went back to Mike's house and started to lie to each other as men will do. Jay bird showed up that night and we all just sat around and got to know each other. So the band of brothers grows-Bill, Mike, John, Matt, Tyler, Lil John and Jaybird. The next day we got up at 5 am and started loading bikes for the race.I helped Lil John(Bill's son) load their bikes.As we were tightening them down I pulled to hard and felt my elbow pop. Man it was hurting how. But I was not going to tell. I took another BC and the other half of one of Bills pain pills. We got to the race and Bill gave me another pain pill. That did the trick. Before the race Mike did a lap of honor on Garret's bike. Everybody at the race track was lined up around the finish jump. I looked at my some of my new brothers and could see the tears in their eyes. I too couldn't hold back. I felt so much pride for Mike and so much pain. During the day I watched my new band of brothers cry on and off at different times. I met Big Maico(Howard) at the race that day. He was the one who put all this together. I felt a brotherhood on the spot without a word. We had a race class called the Thumper class. It was mostly the band of brothers. The last lap we all pulled off to the side of the track , Mike and Garrett's spirit took the checkered flag. This was Ego's idea. Before the moto started. Ego has a good heart. I have not felt that type of emotion between men ever. I have never been more proud of any group of men. This bonded me to them for life.Later that day Tyler collected some money so we could send the Bergs out on the town for dinner one evening on us. This was to show them a little thanks for letting us be apart of their life and family.This was one of the most special moments. I got to hug Suzette Berg. I'm talking about a true loving hug that released so much emotions from my heart. She was now my family in my heart. It felt so good to release my love for this family and I got to do it in the arms of Motoman's mom. After the races were over ,we all said our good byes. As I drove home I cryed and sang songs unto the lord and praised him for letting me apart of this Band of Brothers.
I hope you now understand alittle of what the Band of Brothers is all about. The loss of one man's son Motoman 393 and how he tied our hearts together thru a band of love.Actually this is how ATM got started .

Mark"Machoman393" Golleher

I can't ever read this without shedding tears. As we get closer to leaving for GMB V I wanted to stop in and read it again to remind me what it's all about. I can't wait to see everybody again and meet the new folks to the GMB Race.

Now my eyes sting as I was cleaning the garage and my hands were dirty. Thank you Mark for writing this down so we may remember Garrett and the time spent bonding at each GMB race. This is a part Garrett's legacy and I am proud as heck to be a part of it.

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Old 08-16-2007, 09:52 PM
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Default Re: The Band of Brothers 393

I cant wait to meet all of you!!!

I have read this many times and I still fall apart each and every time.

Its truly the greatest story!
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Old 10-01-2007, 05:51 PM
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Default Re: The Band of Brothers 393

Well even though I never met Garret his life has truly touched me, as I read through all of your post, the testemonies, and about him I feel it is the most valuable time I have ever spent doing something. Thankyou
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