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Old 12-06-2003, 09:27 PM
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Default Re: Need Opinions For New Computer

hay-i scored this one outta the trash....i use no charge for free internet service....i got free motocross screensaver at the Webshots yer money for a faster bike....after reading about that 60 horsie yzf -you`ll need it ...does that qualify me for computer geek?...
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Old 12-06-2003, 10:38 PM
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Default Re: Need Opinions For New Computer

for video editing... lets see here..

i don't know what processor, athelon is good for games and video, except it's not as reliable as the p4, i've had both, and i do actualy like the p4 better. h2.6 or 2.8 hyperthreading intel should work fine, 3.2 is a little over the top... the new atehlons are pretty sweet though, so it's really just up to you.

Video card:

this part's pretty important for video editing, you'll want at least 128 megs of ram, but i'm telling you right now, DON'T GET AN NVIDIA. there's not very good at all, get a ati radeon.. now if you have lots of cash to blow, get a 9800 xt (about $500) but if you want good performance with a good price, i'd suggest a 9600 or 9600 pro. or even a 9200 pro, even thoughit's a little out dated, you can get one for about 100 bucks. try to get a card with a vga output, then you don't have to buy a moniter and can hook your comp up to your tv, and there you go massive screen!


as stated before this is one of the most important parts, and this is where the brand name pc fall behind, many of these companies such as dell or hp motherboards suppot fast ram, 400mhz, but for what you said you'd be doibng, you'll probably need dual channel, i have 1gig duel channel 400 mzh ddr, and it's really fast compared to sigle channel 400. i'd suggest ddr at least 1gig. ddr= double data ram, so it's way faster than the others.

make sure your computer has ample cooling, this is very important.

i wouldn't suggest getting a brand name computer, some people say they have better warrenties, or tech suport, but you can just go to compusa or fry's and have them build you a computer, and uber fast one, for about 800-1200, this is without moniter or keyboard mouse ect..

that's what i'd suggest, go to a store like compusa and tell them what you want, and have them buiild a computer for you.
and if you're planning on having them build you one, with a p4, make sure you get an intel desktop board, they're really good.

get a big harddrive for movies, prefferably a removable, and you should if you have some extra money, get another smaller backup hard drive, so if you have anyproblems, just pull the bad one out, and swap the new one in.

so there's waht i think you should do, but i don't know video editing that well, i'm more of a gamer myself...

my comp:

2.6ht p4 800mhz bus

1gig duel channel ddr
9200 pro (but i'm getting the 9800 p'ro or xt soon i hope...)

80 gig maxtor 7200 rpm

512 l2 cache.

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Old 12-07-2003, 01:22 AM
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Default Re: Need Opinions For New Computer

Guys, I don't mean to keep bringing this up, but I just want to stress that the video card is basically a non-issue for video editing. Video editing software does not use the vid card in rendering, it uses your system processor(s).

Unless the machine needs to be able to play games or render 3d images, etc...just get a vid card that is decent, but low cost.
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