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Old 07-22-2009, 01:24 AM
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Default looking for help on clickers settings for 09 yz450f


So I'm 5'7" about 160 I ride mainly motocross tracks with the ocasional trip out to the desert and trails. my skill level would be about intermidiate ( if the scale is; beginner, intermidiate, advanced, pro) The bike is an 09 yz450f, looking to see if anyone with the same bike (sss suspension) and around the same size has a good set up. I've read a few things on how to set up your suspension, but ive never actually done it, yet. I am mainly lookig for clicker settings front and back. Thanks for the help
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Old 07-22-2009, 03:20 AM
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First up set your sag on the back spring 100mm, if you can't get that figure you need a spring change. Get your sag right first and then start tuning with the clickers. A good start point would be about 12 clicks out on rebound and compression front and back, and then 2 clicks at a time for adjustment if needed. I like to run our bikes with a little quicker rebound so the suspension holds up in the stroke better on rough tracks, but each to their own
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Old 07-22-2009, 07:53 AM
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Spot on, Aussie-dude.

First - break the bike in first before you get all serious about getting the suspension dialed in. I would also strongly suggest that you lubricate all the suspension pivots - even if the bike is brand-spanking new. Yeah, it's a pain, but save yourself about $800= down the road and do it before the damage is done. You can grease for a few bucks as opposed to replacing parts later. Your call, your bike.

Let me add that there are three measurements to consider for sag: Free, rider, and static sag. I suggest backing the rebound clickers all the way out for doing this, but I guess it's not really required if your suspension is in good shape.

Free sag is the distance from the swingarm to a point directly above the axle (mark the fender with a small scratch or whatever) with the bike on a stand. I put a small impression in the fender with a center puch or scribe as a reference point for future checks.

Rider sag is rider with gear on, sitting on bike directly above the footpegs with as much weight on the pegs as possible.

Static is with the bike off the stand, on the ground, no rider. Measure this after you have set your rider sag within the reccomended range. I do this measurement 2-4 times - compress the suspension and let it rebound a few times then lift up and let the bike settle. These static measurements need to be within 3MM of eachother or so otherwise you need to lubricate your suspension linkage (which you should do if you haven't - even on a brand new bike). It is a good indicator of the overall condition of your suspension. Check your manual, but this number is usually at least 12-15MM less that free sag. If it is more or less than the suggested range, you need a different spring.

More than likely, with you being 160Lbs, you will be fine with the stock spring, but you might find it's a bit soft if you are a more advanced rider.

After the back sag is set, lock the front brake and push straight down on the pegs with all your weight. The bike should squat evenly front to back. If not, adjust the front spring accordingly. I typically adjust by either altering the weight of the oil or the height of the oil in the forks. You can also either change the springs or change the spring spacer in the top of the forks. This is a little time consuming, but it's absolutely essential to a properly handling bike - to have the front and rear balanced.

I have had so many folks ask me to help adjust their bikes for them over the years - primarily because of the appearance of my trailer (MXtras Racing - we must know what we are doing, right?), but also because I have a great reputation for getting bikes to handle. I have learned that a lot of guys describe a problem with cornering and are convinced it's the front end when in fact it's the back. i have also learned that most folks use WAY too much rebound dampening. In fact - when I am tuning a bike I do not know well, I will back the rebound adjusters all the way out to get everything else dialed in first. It's just my method, but it obviously works for me.

I would agree with pjg-351's suggestions on the clickers. Sounds like a good place to start. EXCEPT - I would adjust by 4 or more clicks at a time until you realize you have gone too far, then back off. This helps define the range. Not to mention - lots of folks can not feel a click or two.

Also - keep in mind that rebound is a luxury. More is not good.

Also remember that a change on the front end makes a difference in the back.

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Old 07-22-2009, 06:42 PM
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thanks, the really helped i have a few chores to do around the house then its off to get everything lubed. I printed out the post to take with me to the track, thanks again both of you for the helpfull tips
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