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tlem 01-19-2014 08:01 PM

fork oil
anybody help. I put 135 mm in my 2002 yz250 forks. I also set the clickers on 13 and my suspension is still stiff. I'm about 200lb rider. what would be a good set up on my forks I do a lot of jumping and they feel like stiff rods. I thought about doing 10mm.

ossagp 01-20-2014 01:34 PM

I am guessing you are talking about 135mm from the top with the forks collapsed. that is about 1" more than i usually have in my 2003 yz125 forks. take it down ten mm at a time like you suggest and see if you find something you like better. sorry, i am doing too many things in my head, we are similar in the oil height, i converted it wrong. i would want to have those apart to clean and inspect them if you cant get something you like better with oil height and wt

JimDeertay 01-20-2014 05:56 PM

Do you have the correct springs for your weight ??

If the springs are stock and you weigh over about 180 max , your forks will feel stiff because when it is sprung too soft for your weight , the forks will ride lower in the stroke , this will react with the valving causing the forks to feel stiff because the valving is not being used in the correct part of the stroke , because valving works progressively , , you actually blow thru the valving and it will make everything harsher , then running less oil will compound the issue , if you are heavier than what stock calls for you should run more , not less oil but only what the book says , not more , it sounds like your trying to fix a spring issue with oil

With your weight you should have a 5.0 or 5.2 fork spring (i run a 5.2 ,i bounce between 205-210)

ossagp 01-20-2014 08:35 PM

I like the spring logic. That seems more true for me when I am going through things like braking bumps more than jumps where the forks get extended before the hit. I get a better result tuning for the big hits rather than the repeated small to med stuff. Everything is so good stock compared to the stuff I started with nearly 50 years ago, I haven't been that enthusiastic about changing things. I do twist a lot of knobs and turn a lot of adjusting screws.

MXtras 01-21-2014 09:01 AM

What weight oil did you use?

Randog Leader 01-21-2014 09:21 AM

Oil weight is only a small contributor of the issue. The correct spring rate is vital, as was mentioned above. Otherwise, all else it pointless.

Anything between 7-10 weight is what I run.

stevo450 01-21-2014 12:21 PM

7-10 seems quite heavy.....

ossagp 01-21-2014 12:29 PM

I have changed over time from what we ran in the damper rod days of course. Cold has me going as light as i can find and setting the clickers accordingly. i also buy into there being less of a difference when the fluid goes from cold to hot when you start as low in the scale as you can. I used to be able to notice that on a rear shock. I can't really warm the forks up enough to tell.

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