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Old 06-23-2004, 08:44 PM
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Default Forum Participation Guidelines

Updated April 1, 2008

General Principles

These policies are intended to create an environment where anyone can participate in fun, but adult conversations about the sport we all love: riding motorcycles. Members are encouraged to feel comfortable posting questions, comments, suggestions to one another, but please follow these guidelines.
  1. While some degree of Off Topic (OT) discussion is inevitable, the majority of your posts should be in some way related to riding/motorcycles.
  2. Personal Attacks are in no way tolerated.
  3. All members are expected to participate and post as responsible adults. Discussion that degrade to an immature level will be removed without delay or explanation.
  4. Most important...have fun and go ride! Oh, and come back to tell us about it!

Staying on Topic

Please stay on topic! Community discussions will remain focused on motorcycles & ATVs: riding, repairs, racing, modifications, photos, videos, etc. Comments, statements, remarks, etc. about religion, politics, race, sex, gender, lifestyle and other obviously sensitive topics are strictly prohibited and will be removed without delay or explanation.

Political Discussions

Again, please stay on topic! Political discussions directly related to the "politics" of riding, such as trail/track closures, the BRC (Blue Ribbon Coalition), the AMA, etc. are allowed, and actually encouraged, but will be closely moderated to prevent the topic from turning into a political flame war. Any and all other political discussions; such as whom to vote for, political parties, etc. will be deleted/removed without delay or explanation, including but not limited to, signatures, and avatars.

Deleting Content

The following content will be deleted without delay or explanation (repeat offenders will be warned first and summarily banned if necessary):
  1. Trolling posts fishing for flame bait.
  2. Profanity.
  3. Personal attacks, platform wars, bickering and pointless arguments.
  4. Remarks addressing religion, politics, race, sex, gender, lifestyle and other obviously sensitive topics.
  5. Spamming of goods and services outside the appropriate market forum by companies or corporations which are not authorized sponsors.
  6. Behavior which is clearly inappropriate among intelligent adults.

Moderator "Checks and Balances"

Prior to deleting a post/thread, a moderator must first check with another moderator for verification. Assuming both agree, the post is deleted permanently without delay or explanation.

If both moderators do not agree on the need to delete, the post/thread is moved to the private moderator garbage forum for further review.

If the post/thread contains blatent violations of posting policies, such as nudity or profanity the forum moderator can delete it without checking with another moderator.

"Freedom of Speech"
We are firm believers in our right to freedom of speech. You're free to post, reply and participate as you see fit, but your rights end where mine begin. This community is the property of the administrators of this forum, and as such, it is our right under freedom of speech to control its content. The issue is not debatable; if you have a problem, you are free to start your own message boards elsewhere. Here, however, this topic is not open for discussion.

Spamming of goods and services, unless you are a paying advertiser/vendor/sponsor is strictly forbidden.

ATM! if free to everyone. However, the only way I can make the site free is by Advertising, Vendor Subscriptions, and Sponsors. So if you sell a product or service and you are not an ATM! paying vendor, paying advertiser, or paying sponsor you may NOT advertise your business on this website. That includes running a banner, logo, or links to your business, your products, or your services, in your signature -- or posting any of the afore mentioned information in a post or thread.

Although we strongly encourage our members to promote their moto related products on atm, we feel that the general forums are not the appropriate venue. For those interested, a special Vendor section has been established so that more in-depth discussions of moto related products can take place. For further details and information as to how you can use the power of ATM to promote your business, contact Woody_393 via PM or webmaster @

There are other Advertising options available as well. Just let me know what you are interested in.

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Old 04-08-2005, 06:32 PM
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Default Re: Forum Participation Guidelines

Zoot and Woody, you guys might want to change the mission statement of ATM some. As this site has grown, the direction has changed in a good way I think. Just needs updated.
Old 03-25-2007, 06:05 PM
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Usflag Re: Forum Participation Guidelines

Please go to the New Members sub-forum and introduce yourself so everyone can greet you properly. Oh yeah, Welcome aboard ATM.

Old 04-03-2007, 06:07 PM
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Default Re: Forum Participation Guidelines

Check your PM's.
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