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Old 12-01-2008, 12:26 PM
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Talking Two Races Down.


...As well as myself...for the time being anyways.

Friday night's race was insane. I was suppose to be there at 2pm- and couldn't get off work until 4pm. I was lucky to have been able to get a few pratice laps in. Hot laps went good- I placed 2nd out of 8 riders (all guys, except myself of course). That was cool. The qualifier didn't go so hot. My bike felt like it was handling funny right off the bat- and here my front right tire was flat and I spun out and slammed into the steel guardrail. My right peg went into my right upper thigh and I sprained my right hand. I bent all kinds of stuff on my bike.

We got it up into our trailer and in 20 mins we had everything bent back (thanks to a crowbar), had a whole new set of tires on (Hoosier) and replaced front & rear shocks. It was a whole new bike. I lost my digital camera so I had to take a few pathetic pictures with my Palm so they're not that great- my teammate is posting some videos soon on YouTube.

The main came along and we got about 6 warm-up laps in..then the first main lap of the 20 lap race came and my friend Cory spun out on the first corner- I slice right through his front bumper and flipped my quad and flew 10ft. My quad is really low for the flat track so it was amazing that it could happen that easily...needless to say, I blacked out, got a concussion that has given me uncontrollable migraines since Friday night, I feel the need to throw up constantly, and I have no appetite...ever. I somehow managed to bruise a rib, too. So, that was it for me on Friday night.

Saturday afternoon came. And so did I. My team, as well as the staff & spectators were really encouraging and shocked to see me back. I was a little speech and action. I placed 7 out of 8 riders in the main- but point being...I still got back on my bike, and everyone understood and cheered me on. Right now, I am 7th out of 10 riders in points: ...And I'm...satisfied. 8 more races to go and prove myself.

Point Standings As of November 29, 2008
Open Quad


Position Driver City, State Points Behind
1 Kyle Yeack Brownsville OR 236 Leader

2 AJ Davis Lebanon OR 230 -6

3 Tom Yeack Brownsville OR 180 -56

4 Cory Yeack Brownsville OR 166 -70

5 Zach Toll Winston OR 133 -103

6 Josh Faulk Lebanon OR 118 -118

7 Ashley Bryson Roseburg OR 80 -156

8 Tim Richmond Sutherlin OR 62 -174

9 Josh Tomlinson 45 -191

10 Tony Blanton Roseburg OR 42 -194
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