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Old 09-19-2004, 05:31 PM
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Default New Race Report! 9/19/04


Ok here goes. At splendora...125 beginner class...22 riders the majority of which were sandbaggers. the 1st 13 kids were jumping the triple stepup and the rest were about my speed (My old speed anyways: ) and so there were NO beginners in the class! LOL ok 1st moto, I get a great start and as im coming into the 1st turn theres a pileup of 3 bikes and there are riders behind me so i couldnt get out. I had to wait for one of them to get up. Then i ate it hard in the berm before the whoops. I could NOT get my bike started! Well anyways i only got 3 laps on the 1st moto due do some bad luck (but i was still awarded 20 out of 22 place!) then the next moto i get a terrible start! My bike stalled when i tried to shift into 3rd gear and i was DEAD last! Well by now im super mega pissed so i hauled ***! I used to suck at whoops but now WHOA! I Hit the whoops so hard and fast i didnt feel em! I was leaning into the corners so hard! I passed rider after rider until the last lap and all together i passed 13 riders (five of them were jumping the triple step up and i was not ) so that was the 1st race ive actually done good in! I felt so awesome recovering that much...Just imagine if i woulda gotten a good start...and also if i jumped the triple stepup! CRAZY! I talked to Don (OldschoolFool) also! I guess he announces all the races at splendora now? ok well anyways thanks for listening to my rambling! LATER!
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Old 09-19-2004, 05:41 PM
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Default Re: New Race Report! 9/19/04

Thanks for the write up Mike. Sounds like you are right on the verge of pimpin those guys. Too bad there always seems to be sandbaggers. I mean come on...NOVICE and they are doing the triple step up?

Sounds like you had a good ride though!!
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