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Old 12-09-2010, 07:05 PM
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Default crash that nearly took me down forever


story time!!

Ok, so im 16 now, i was 14-15 when i crashed about two summers ago, not your regular run of the mill crash and walk it off. although i tried to walk it off i failed epicly.
ANYWAYS... i was out riding in the trails behind my house one day on my (not so) "trusty" 1979 Suzuki PE250 i had got just a few months ago in a trade for a quad. so i fowl my plug, and have to push the 10 ton tank back to my house a mile away in a helmet, levis, carhart jacket, and leather gardening boots. im just about to get onto the road and i hear a bike coming so i pull off the side, i see a guy about 13-14 years old on a 06 crf150. (fun bike btw) Anyways, we start ridin together because there isnt much people out here in the sticks to ride with. one weekend, we saw another guy on a old honda and so all three of us start riding and hanging out together daily, jumpin, trails, etc.. So then one day, about a month after we started riding together, we come out of the trails and my friend sheldon (on the 06 crf150) tell shane to go into the trails to lead (we swich off alot) so he goes back in, as i go to start my bike, the kick start falls off!! so me and sheldon go back to my house (about 500 feet away) and re-install my kick start. mid installation sheldon decides its a good idea to go find shane (on old honda) and tell him my bike is down for the count, i tried to tell him no just stay here and wait real quick. he didnt listen and took off down the road. now there are two entrances to the trails, on about a half mile to 3/4 miles away, and on 500 feet from my house. he decides its best to go down the trail
farthest from my house (i have no idea why) to go find shane. right after he leaves, i start up my pe250 and take off down the trail entrance closest to my house (500 feet away) so he went right and i went left. so far so good, no major bike issues, im back in order! the trails are decent, not the best, but fun i guess. so in my mission to find shane and sheldon, i was probably going a bit to fast... ok i was going WAY to fast in the trails. on this long, narrow, slightly downhill and curving to the left a tad bit, i get a feeling in my gut that says slow down, i didnt listen. all of a sudden i see sheldon riding towards me, we were both going about 50 mph, i slam on the rear brake to lay the bike down and stop, that plan failed epicly, i just stalled the engine (this whole scene took place in about 25-30 feet) and sheldon being a new rider (he had just got his bike about 3 months before) had froze up and just kept going, about 4 feet from impact he finally got a clue but was way to late. his front tire hit my left front fork and catapulted him and his bike up, his front tire smashed my leg into the plastic tank and smashed the tank to bits. when he hit my left fork, i launch foward and my left toe gets stuck on the shifter and brakes my toe, while my chest hits my bar and ruptures my spleen, i remember seeing his bike fly past me and him go face first into the bar breaking his helmet (i found out it broke afterwards) my face was so close to my front fender as i was flying over it i couldve kissed it!! my legs are tossed at 80 mph impact over the front of the bike and i fly about 35 feet before hitting the ground, i remember hitting the ground, doing a spin, summer salt, and laying flat about 2 feet from a big tree and thorn bushes. sheldon was knocked uncouncious for about 5 seconds (dont ask how i know i just felt it at the time). my vision is blurred and i realize my glasses and helmet are off, my chest feels like someone hit me across it with a giant crowbar as hard as they could, and my toe felt like someone was holding a lighter under it burning the #$%$ out of it! so shane shows up because he was going half the speed sheldon was, and saw us and nearly fell over in shock, he hobbled over to sheldon, and asked him if he was ok, then saw me getting up, pick up my glasses and looking at my helmet 50 feet away and start walking back to my house, as i passed shane i said "take sheldon back to my house and leave the bikes, whoever wants them can have them!" so i walk one mile to my house before shane shows up and carries me the rest of the way back to my house. sheldon is on my porch, and shane is still wondering what exactly happened. my dad comes out front, i tell him i crashed and how it went down in an extremely shortened version of it, and shane takes him to the crash sight. so shane goes home and me and sheldon are on the couch covered in gas and sheldon keeps asking the same question over and over again. "were am i, weres my bike, and how did i get here!!??" he still to this day doesnt remember what happened and doesnt want to remember. all i tell him is if we were just 3 inches closer to eachother we WOULD be dead. his mom shows up, and we both go to the hospital. and exactly as i predicted, any closer wed be dead, my spleen was half empty, and my toe was in fact broken as a jinga after a toddler got ahold of it. needless to say when i got back from the crash as dad was telling mom about what just happened i gave my sister the first and longest hug ive ever given her in a long time! my mom works at the hospital so she got to watch me be registered and drugged lol. i spent a grueling 4 days in the hospital high as a kite and looking through pictures my dad took of the bikes while he was at home and i was in the hospital. Want to know something odd? the worst part of this crash was that i couldnt get back on my bike the next day and go ride.
Moral of the story, if you lose your friend out in the trails, STAY IN ONE SPOT AND DONT BE A HERO AND TRY TO LOOK FOR THEM!! THEY WILL COME BACK FOR YOU!

so theres my story time for today. there are two types of riders. those who have crashed, and those who havent. and never EVER think your better then your bike, the moment you do, you WILL be classified as the rider who crashed!
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Old 12-10-2010, 02:44 PM
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Whenever me and my friends ride we always try very hard to make sure we all stay within line of sight of each other. There are certain corners and tree lines and such that you cant really do that but we know where to be careful, and where to make sure that someone sees you go before you take off.

Also, as bad as that was, what if some animal got in your way (Ive nearly run over deer, ostrich, armadillo, squirrels, raccoons, and wild turkeys) and you crashed out in the woods by yourself. You could be stranded out in the middle of nowhere fatally injured, bleeding to death or unconscious.
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Old 12-10-2010, 04:26 PM
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almost did bro, not fun, ill post pics of the bikes later. especially out here in the woods and humid area, alot of wild life. needless to say im ALOT more cautious now!!
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Old 12-10-2010, 05:11 PM
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Originally Posted by supercr125 View Post
needless to say im ALOT more cautious now!!
I went through a similar situation but I never ride alone was with about 6 - 8 friends at a local track and from what they tell me I missed a big set of doubles.... spent 3.5 weeks in Nero ICU at University Hospital not fun! Then I THOUGHT I was being more careful only to end up being life flighted the following year from the same track.

My point is.... sometimes things happen the important thing is that you take the important steps prior to riding so if something happens that you have someone there that can help you get help.

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Old 12-14-2010, 10:10 PM
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That can Help You get Help.......what a concept

That just made Me...... THINK
How Many times I'm So Glad I Don't trail ride
But then I;ve seen small Kids rideing down the track the wrong way?
Scary...Came over jump looked down straight Kid right over next jump
coming My direction moved to side of track laid bike down stopped kid
waved down others sent kid right to parents with talk.
Sorry of track,I've gone to tracks and had to leave # and contact in case of emergency,Call and tell people{ If You don't hear in 30 emergency with location}
MAN this stuff is DANGEROUS......THAT's WHY IT"S .........:w hoops
I've Had a FEW of those ( I'm Done riding delusions Myself)
Yeah and that TOO .
Good write up....Lost a friend as a Kid two bikes hitting head on
Your Lucky Glad neither of You hurt worse!

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