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Old 02-06-2008, 02:14 PM
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Default cr 125 story



It started about 2 yrs ago on this bike. 1999 cr 125cc in fair to good shape.
I own a bodyshop so we made this trade of I would paint a Lexus for 900.00 cash and the bike.
now deal was done,my bike... Had sister run bike and all to see if hot (she's policewomen) all good.
Now The cost of the car was about 300.00 to do car so im still good of 600.00
Bought all new plastics,new graphics,new tires,fresh oils and new clutch..
Still up about 150.00
Rode bike for 6 months had issues with water leak, I think x- wife let the water out of bike and I was dumba$$ and not check it before 1 ride.
After 1 ride bike went poof. Had top end done and all water pumps and gaskets.. Bike was fresh... I rode the bike maybe 2 hrs and sold it for 900.00 very cheap huh....... 2 days later the guy calls me and says bikes acting up. I go over and see head/jug has crack on it and water is dripping out. I take bike back to guy whom done top end and he says blah blah blah not his fault..
So guy wants his moneys back... bike sold as is and cheap at that.. NO MONEYS BACK!... So i painted a car for him in return he gives me bike back..
Cost me 200.00 to paint car.. OUT OF HIS 900.00... .
Done deal my bike back...
Bike sit for 6 months thru hoildays and such... Took to shop last week after grand opening of newest bike shop my buddy just opened in Lakeland....

I took it in and they said...... You're done.... Crank is done... top end is gone.. BTW looks brand new.... HA! bike needs new crank and total lower end, new top end total.. 1,600.00 to repair with carbs jetted and 90 day warranty...
So in all.... Did I make a good choice on repairs.. well the bike is sitting beside a 2004 250. and it looks as good as it.. but little larger...
I mat have about 800.00 or so into this bike.. Maybe little less maybe more..
Best thing is guys/gals... its a brand new bike... TOP BOTTOM AND ALL IN MIDDLE!!!.
oh also after looking at frame of bike with motor broke we saw the bike must have been a racers bike. the frame was x'd out for support in many spots..
the guy at shop said was better on them...

1 week till done... can't wait...
Tell me about break in tho.. I asked Honda and he says.. Break it in as you ride it.... hmm

Thanks for the ear tho...
funny story to me....
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