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Old 10-16-2013, 08:48 PM
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Default Considering Switching From 2-Stroke to 4-Stroke - Help...


Hey guys.

I'm currently riding a 2000 CR125R 2-stroker. I love it, but the bottom end is blown and to make a long story short, I'm looking at getting a different bike and was considering a 4-stroke. I'm looking for feedback from those of you that had switched from 2-stroke to 4-stroke and whether you were glad that you did or wished you kept the 2-stroke.

I would want a bike that is not overpowering. Definitely a "motocross" bike with long suspension travel and high seat height, but I can't handle anything superpowerful because I'm an older guy and my CR125 was plenty fast for me. My CR125R made about 35 HP I believe, and I would like something in a 4-stroke that is about the same if they make such a bike.

Your opinions please. Is it worthwhile to switch to 4-stroke or am I better of just staying with a 2-stroke.

Thanks. Lee
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Old 10-16-2013, 09:02 PM
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Here are a few factors that lean people to one or the other:

1) maintenance cost-2t is usually a bit cheaper 4t are a bit more expensive, ESP if your ride them hard
2) power delivery-2t have a unique power delivery and are harder ( well some say ) to ride, 4t are 'lazy' mans bike
3) fun factor-arguably 2t are way more fun

You will find a 4t easier to ride and you won't get as worn out. The maintence is quite high but if your careful a 4t MX bike will last a while....

IMO getting as new a 4t as possible is the ticket!! 2t can be overhauled cheaply enough once purchased but 4t will cost a fair amount.

You will probably like a 250 MX...a bit more powerful that your current 2t but with more control you wont notice the extra power....
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Old 10-17-2013, 07:42 AM
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I love the power band in a 2 stroke lol Ill never switch id take my cr 125 over my xl 350 any day
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Old 10-17-2013, 03:31 PM
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You sound like a perfect candidate for a CRF250R.
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