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Old 10-03-2005, 09:01 AM
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Default Another Top 10 Overall

Well, the Wildcat Ranch Grand Prix was this weekend in Decatur Arkansas. It was a blast. Me and pops rolled out at 5pm friday night. We got to Fort Smith at 12, and decided to take a nap... that was rough lol. Ya know 05 Dodge 3500 dooleys seem like they would sleep alright, but nooo. It was like sleeping on a 2 by 4. Oh well, we woke up and drove the rest of the way. When we got the I was talkin to snook and helping him finish marking the peewee/ kids course. I didnt get to ride until about 4pm because he had me running around doing stuff! Anyway, I rode a lap by myself, then a lap with Epatt, then I got back and Bryan Vaughan, which is leadin my class in points, just got there. Were pretty good friends so I told him to ride a lap with me. We found some pretty good lines around the bottlenecks in case lappers were stuck on them!

Sunday morning I woke up and went to the track. My and Cody Kelley took Snooks fourwheeler and I showed him the same lines Bryan and I found. Keep in mind that were all in A-open sharin lines! I was goin pretty fast on the 4 wheeler and Cody said something like "Every great story will start out..... "Well, Justin was driving" lolol.

Ok about the race. The start was so rocky. I mean, this place where the race was at was havin dirt hauled out, so if you dig a little bit in NW Ar, your gonna find quite a few rocks! So I pushed some rocks out of my way and put my bike on the stand at 11:30. The race started at 12 and in the wholeshot, EVERYONE in A open got to the first turn at the same time... luckily I pushed my way into 2nd. So its me and 121 in first and second (121 is the guy the was in first the last race when me and him wrecked). About halfway through the first lap we have a 20 second lead. There is a hill that is a bottle neck and a pro was caught up on it..... He did the smart thing and waited and I just shot up the hill. I lost momentum and wrecked! So now Im in last.... lol like always! I took off ridin about 3 feet over my head, and wrecked 5 times my first 2 laps. When I was on the bike I was doing awesome! But I wrecked way too much! In the begining of the 3rd lap I caught up to about 5 riders at once in my class runnin in a pack. I came up pretty quick and they all moved over one by one.... lol dont ask why maybe cuz I was yellin PRO PRO and screamin my bike to the top of its lungs! But I was in like 6th then. During this lap I made my way to 4th, and passed quite a few pros! I held that the rest of the race and never saw anyone in my class... but its alright cuz I got 4th in A overall and 7th overall...

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