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Old 06-18-2004, 05:59 PM
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Default Re: 200SX Question

So is the 200Sx a 125-framed 200cc engine or is it a 250cc downtunde to 200cc?
200cc in a 125 frame. The 125 I rode was by far the strongest I ever sat on. I've ridden a few 200 EXC/MXC's and they are sweet engine's also. The 200SX I hear has more of everything than the 125/200 motors I rode. On a tight track, the 200 might be an advantage. It's definately a weapon in the woods............
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Old 06-19-2004, 07:56 AM
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Default Re: 200SX Question

Hmm what to do about a 200. Well speaking from the exc200 viewpoint I,d say don't get one! Everything that could go wrong with mine has! KTM cost more money to fix then to buy
Sure it handles alright for a 125 frame but when it comes to the crunch it doesn't cut it. You have to be very good on the gears with these things and keep them on the pipe or its all over. The power from these buzz boxes drops off fast. Ive spent so much time fixing things that fall,break or bust off its no longer a joke. went for a ride today and guess what, The kickstarter spins around on the shaft In the middle of some sandy dune just can't seem to win with it. the only thing good about this bike is the msc damper and the fact its licenced. If you want to ride on a mx track get a 250 and go slower if its to much for you otherwise get a 125. If you get a 200 you sit in the middle of the classes and that means you are in everybodies way .
Wish it wasn't so!
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Old 06-19-2004, 07:26 PM
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Default Re: 200SX Question

Ya im thinking of getting a KTM 125sx, no doubt. I wouldn't think of getting another type of bike, hearing that engine roar liek it does. I rode my friends 04 ktm 125sx today and theres no words to explain how this bike felt. The power delivery is crazy, so smooth, throttle response is outstanding and it just feels so sweet. I rode it for like 5 minutes and my friend is the type of guy that is over protective of his stuff. And he wanted me to come back, but i just couldn't stop riding it with that awsome MOTOR.

So im definetly going to try get that bike, and if you guys get that you will be happy and smoke every 250f out therr. LOL
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Old 06-22-2004, 12:41 AM
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Default Between classes

Well between classes is not a problem. I'm looking for a bike to learn how to ride from the beginning. I have zero riding tech (or it feels that way!) and I want to learn. So, low weight and decent power... Which leads me to a 125:er. Power wise I guess any of the newer 125's would do but at least in Sweden, KTM's are popular... Actually, last year's most popular 125. There is hardly any difference in pricing between Yammie and KTM. Yammie has a really good parts dealer network over here which means you never have to wait more than 2days for your parts. Don't know about KTM but since the factory is not far from here (Europe isn't that big!) I guess it should be the same... Just need to lose my old bike and I'm good to go.... A 200 would feel cool as it is a 125 only with more motor - getting in between classes is no problem for me since I only race my buddies... So - since 200 are the same price as 125 (sometimes cheaper!) - might it not be a good deal? Or am I missing the point then, I wanted to learn how to ride...
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